Heather Moffett

Gästblogg: Heather Moffett

My name is Heather Moffett.
I am the host of two popular Standardbred racing TV shows in the United States.  I am the self-proclaimed  Princess of Harness Racing Television. But, it’s not like I’ve walked around my whole life with a tiara on my head.
I’m just your typical girl who grew up in harness racing. I was doing stalls and training horses before I could do algebra. I knew the difference between a full and half swedge shoe before I knew what stilettos were.
I’m a third generation in the business. My entire life revolves around this sport. I married trainer Billy Moffett and we have to very high-spirited children, Wyatt and Trey. (We know how to break colts, but we haven’t quite figured out how to get these two young ones under control.)
I don’t just love Standardbred racing..I live it, breathe it and have a burning passion for it.There are more things that I adore about the sport than there are cocktail dresses in my closet (and that’s a lot, you can ask my husband), but I am going to pick my top five. This is my current list and it’s subject to change. Why? Well, because I’m a woman and I’ve been known to change my mind on regularly, if not on a frequent, basis.

#5 -  Jeff Gural – This is the guy who, in my opinion, not only saved racing at The Meadowlands, but possibly the entire sport in America. Yes, I’m pretty crazy about him! Could you tell? When our flagship track was ready to go down like the Titanic, he stepped in as captain and turned that ship around. Now, not only will The Big M stay open, but it’s racking up great numbers at the windows since opening back up and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Summer.

#4 -  Girl Power – OMG! With the anticipated return of See You At Peelers and Check Me Out, 2012 is The Year Of The Woman in harness racing. The four-year-old pacing lass See You At Peelers, who racked up 22 wins in a row and is a two-time Dan Patch champion, has already won her first start of the season for trainer and to be inducted in July into Harness Racing Hall of Fame, Jimmy Takter.
Three-year-old trotting filly and Dan Patch Award winner Check Me Out, who is trained by Ray Schnittker, is rumored to be the next Continental Victory. You know what that means! In August at The Hambletonian those sophomore trotting boys are going to have a great view of her fabulous ass.

#3 – John Campbell – I know what you’re thinking…he’s Canadian! Yes, he was BORN in Canada, BUT he has been racing in The United States since the 70′s. He’s ours and we are not giving him back!

#2 – Hambletonian Day – I live for this day. I prepare for this day the way that movie stars prepare for The Academy Awards. Diets, spray tans, a designer dress, hair, makeup, lights, camera, action! It’s the most trotabulous and pacalicious day in the sport, featuring the race EVERYONE around the globe desires to win. AAAHHHH! I get excited just thinking about Hambletonian Day!

#1 – Standardbreds – Ok, this isn’t an American thing. Obviously, our incredibly talented breed is a world wide sensation. However, sometimes with everything going on in our business many people seem to lose sight of how majestic, royal and breathtaking these animals are. Horses are the reason we have a sport in the first place. They are the real superstars. Not to mention, this is a breed that is incredibly versatile. After careers on the racetrack, they’ve gone on to steal the spotlight in every discipline from endurance riding to barrel racing. There’s a quote that says, “If God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself.” So, if you have the opportunity to be a part of a Standardbred horse’s life, just remember on a daily basis how blessed you are.

Heather Moffett